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A giant spoonA magical hornA pitchfork
A plate armourAcid rain scrollAn old amulet
AniweyBansheeBerserk potion
CamelCandiesCandies converter
Candy BoxCandy Box 2Candy Box Wiki
Candy diamond swordCandy merchantCandy tree
CapybaraCastle's entranceCastle's guard
Castle's keepCastle's stairsCauldron
Cheated garden gnomeCheatsCheats/Candy Box 2
ChestChinese F.A.Q.Chocolate bars
Chocolate swordChuck NorrisChuck Norris (quest)
Cloning potionComputerCopper sword
CowCow levelCroatian F.A.Q.
DemonDesertDesert bird feather
DeveloperDevelopper's computerDevelopper's garden
Developper's moatDevilDevil (Candy Box 2)
Diamond swordDoedicurusDoor
DragonDromornis StirtoniDutch F.A.Q.
Earthquake scrollEelEscape potion
F.A.Q.Fire scrollFireball
FishForgeForge (Candy Box 2)
French F.A.Q.G.M.O.O.H. potionGaur
German F.A.Q.GhostGoblin
GorillaHPHealth potion
HellHell (Candy Box 2)Hungarian F.A.Q.
Imp Invocation ScrollInventoryInvulnerability potion
Iron axeIron swordItalian F.A.Q.
Japanese F.A.Q.KnightKomodo dragon
LolligatorLollipop farm's keyLollipops
Magical jellyMagical seedMagician's hat
Major health potionMapMount Goblin
Naked monkey wizardNecromancerOctopus
Pile of corpsesPlay Candy BoxPogo stick
Polish F.A.Q.Polished candy diamond swordPolished silver sword
Portuguese F.A.Q.QuestRat
RhinocerosRocket bootsRussian F.A.Q.
SeaSharkSharp chocolate sword
Shell powderSick goblinSilver sword
Slovenian F.A.Q.SorceressSpanish F.A.Q.
Spiky doorSuperman potionSwampy Swamp
SwordSword of FlamesSword of Life
Sword of LiflamesummoningSword of RandomnessSword of Summoning
TeapotTeleport scrollTeleporting gate
Tenacious goblinThe FrogThe Magician's hat
The SquirrelThe WhaleThe cave
The cow kingThe desert fortressThe giant Spoon of Doom
The holeThe horn of plentyThe lollipop farm
The lollipop farm (Candy Box 2)The map to the sorceress' hutThe monkey wizard staff
The peaceful forestThe pink ring of calmnessThe seven-league boots
The sorceress' hutThe wishing wellTree
Tribal spearTrollTroll's bludgeon
Troll (Candy Box 2)Turtle potionUnderwater cave
Walled In ZombieWhere is the Quest tab?Wood poney
Wooden swordXinopherydonYggdrasill tree
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