.__/(|_/|  _|\_  |\_|)/__.
   | |_/|   ("}  |\_| |
   | |_/|i_.-@-._|\_| |
.__| |_/|8--,  .-|\_| |__.
     |_/|I  /==\ |\_|
     |_/|I  |   \|\_|
._   |_/|I__/___\|\_|   _.
  '-.|_/          \_|.-

The sorceress is a witch that lives in the sorceress' hut. She will appear once the player throws ten lollipops into her hut.


The Witch will grant three different types of spells (in exchange for lollipops):

  • "Candies, more candies!" - Gives the player 1/20th of their current amount of candies (capped at a maximum of 300'000 candies).
  • "Sword, better sword!" - Upgrades the player's sword by one level.
  • "Candies, faster candies!" - Increases the rate at which the player earns candies by 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. per second (Fibonacci sequence).

The Witch will grant each spell multiple times, at the expense of more lollipops for each consecutive spell. She also grants the ability to surpass yourself later in the game.

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