Sword of Randomness
   _    _
 À    ( `\/' )
    À `\ e  /'
    À À  |\/|      _
    À   |% |     /#\
    À  qsd |  |    /&#/
       | &|   /##/
       ÀÀ|  |  /##/
       |% | /s%/
      f |  |À/##/
       | $*À &#/
  r     |   #/
       |& */
      ù |  |
   dfg    |_%|
      A |%f|
The Sword of Randomness is a sword that is level infinity added to your sword's previous level. You get it by buying level 5 bug over and over again until you get it. It sometimes destroys your health, but sometimes increases it, it also kills everything except the developper (or yourself if you get your health buffed up to the "e"'s) in a single hit. Sometimes it may change your character randomly. This is the highest level sword you can receive in Candy Box.

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