The sorceress' hut
.__/(|_/|        |\_|)/__.
   | |_/|        |\_| |
   | |_/|        |\_| |
.__| |_/|        |\_| |__.
     |_/|        |\_|
     |_/|        |\_|
._   |_/|________|\_|   _.
  '-.|_/          \_|.-'
"In this hut lives a powerful witch ! She might help you... but not for free."

The sorceress' hut is a location that can be accessed upon unlocking it from finding it in the first quest, The peaceful forest

When going to it, the player has the option of throwing ten lollipops inside. Upon doing so, the Witch will appear.


The Witch will grant three different types of spells (in exchange for lollipops):

  • "Candies, more candies!" - Gives the player an amount of candies.
  • "Sword, better sword!" - Upgrades the player's sword.
  • "Candies, faster candies!" - Increases the rate at which the player earns candies.

The Witch will grant each spell multiple times, at the expense of more lollipops for each consecutive spell. She also grants the ability to surpass yourself later in the game.


See by yourself. My   
 prices are high, but the
 spells are great! (1 klp
  means 1000 lollipops)
I see that you have   
   lollipops... I could  
 cast spells for you, in 
     exchange of some    
    sweets... I looove   
Here's (various number) candies for 
          you !          
Your (Sword type) is 
    now more powerful.   
 Congratulations ! You  
    will now gain more   
  candies each second !  

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